New Things!

New Bag, Tripod, and (Dat da da!) Camera!

So... this weekend has been fun. I thought a good first entry to this blog would be to recap all the new additions that are going to be making an impact on my visual work from now on. My Canon 60d has been a FANTASTIC camera and has been my go-to for the last three years. Though it is, and continues to be a great sidekick, it's time level up. Saturday I picked up my new camera, the Canon 5d Mark III.

This thing is great, I've only taken it out once so far, and already I can tell it's going to be a thrill to shoot with and will make it even easier to make great images. Over time I want to really push what it can do, especially with video. Last night I was watching The Avengers, and in his commentary Director Joss Whedon talks a bit about the 5d. Apparently during the sequence where the heroes are fighting their way through New York City, there was so much to shoot that he gave out 5d's to several assistants to go out and shoot the fighting guerilla style. He pointed out several sequences, including Captain America running and gunning, that had been shot on the 5d. It's really exciting to me to have the same tool in my bag that they used to shoot that film, and a good challenge to try and create something fun.

To go with the 5d, I thought it was time to invest in a few new accessories. I've been using a bag that was really generously given to me by Rick Reil of Realife Photography in the Tri-Cities, but over the last few years its started to be the worse for wear. Both straps recently broke on a shoot, so now I've picked up a new Lowepro bag that you can see in the photos below. It's super light and has a ton of storage with room for both cameras and a ton of lenses. Attached to it is a new tripod as well, a great Benro that's super strong and light that I can hook right on and go. 

The awesome Wren Bentley and I went to the park today for a bit, and she took some great photos of the new gear in action. Check it out :)

New Canon 5d Mark III, Lowepro Bag and Benro Tripod. All photos by Wren Bentley.