(Left) Something Rotten! First draft Photo Composite
Stock images, posed photography, and original text treatment
January, 2014

 (Right) Something Rotten! Final Illustration
Photo composite, ink illustration, and vector art
February, 2014

This Broadway-bound musical from the director of The Book of Mormon was intended to complete a developmental production at The 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle. I was the Graphic Designer assigned to work with The 5th's leadership and the New York producers to create a cohesive look for the show. Based on initial conversations The 5th conducted a photoshoot (photos by Mark Kitaoka - with me portraying Shakespeare...) and I created the composite art and title treatment above. After more discussion, we went in a different direction and I created a playful illustrated logo and a tudor-style playbill for it to live in. The design was enthusiastically accepted, and went to print. Later the show wound up going straight to Broadway without ever having a Seattle production, and our campaign was scrapped. However, the art for the Broadway production, produced by SpotCo, still featured the squashed tomato, which was a hold-over from our imagery - which is something I note as a huge success.